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Spies are Everywhere

We think that spies are exotic. We believe that spies are as rare as they are in the movies. That maybe there are around ten or so. James Bond, 007, and maybe a few more.

Truth is, there aren't nearly enough but there still quite a few. There are upwards of 10,000 FBI agents domestically, 10,000 CIA operations officers worldwide, and who knows how many more operators there are in the DIA, NRO, NSA, Secret Service, ATF, and JSOC.

Let's assume there are upwards of 50,000 operators in just the United States -- well, that's quite a lot. And I am not including, of course, any of their support staff, the eyes in the sky, the men and women who are the men and women behind these men and women.

I am just saying that while there are not nearly enough men and women to protect every man and woman, there are still more than you'd think, especially in areas as dense in intrigue as Washington, DC.

A dear friend, a friend of mine for over sixteen years, is one of the 10,000 I mentioned above, and he told me that one could "make" a spy in most of the lobbies of most of the hotels in Washington. Someone on a tail, someone learning how to tail, or someone who is simply a secondary or tertiary backup.

No, they're not always out to get you and they're oftentimes not authorized to use deadly force -- they don't have a license to kill -- but they're out there, even in the day of video cameras and technology and listening devices, online analysts and field operatives are still the most reliable way.

And, let me remind you that I am not even including the men and women who are spying, looking, and listening on behalf of other countries and private interests.

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