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False Name

The Company guys tell me that the pickle pusses at the Pickle Factory assign false names, backgrounds, and papers to field agents without any input at all save the obvious backgrounds of each particular asset at that moment.

I'm also told that each field agent keeps and maintains the same alias for the lifetime of their career, unlike in the movies. Not all intelligence agencies do it this way. Defense intelligence lets their assets make up their own names and lets them choose their own back story, within reason. There are a few rules of thumb, however.

The name should be racially and culturally apropos and the background story should be limited to an adjacent city or state. So, I was born in Jersey, spent some time in Manhattan, moved to Hawaii, and then spent the rest of my life in DC and Virginia, with a couple years in Berlin and Portland.

By this age, if I started a false name, would I go Northeast, Hawaii, West Coast, or play it safe by sticking with the Mid-Atlantic, where I've mostly been since 1988. And what name would I choose?

I have friends who always choose their false names based on obscure Generals from the Austro-Hungarian Empire from some time between 1867 and 1918.

By sticking to Austria-Hungary, their false names can mostly avoid recognition by even the sort of geeks who watch all the war docs the History Channel has to offer.

But they sometimes play into German Generals from WWI and WW2 and are sometimes questions at Western European border crossings and they have the banter down pretty well and I like to imagine they handle it exactly the way Fletch probably world.

That said, all of the false names and backgrounds they bring to the field must be approved—they are all reviewed by the home office. I'm told, thanks to either the terrible education system endemic to America or the general sense of humor pervasive in the DIA, none of the obscure names of European war Generals have ever been rejected.

I guess even spies and operators need to have their fun.

What's the harm.

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