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Someone with a pistol has only a fraction of a second of fire superiority

They probably think that your hesitation is the unwillingness or inability to actually pull that trigger at all; also, there are a hundred ways to take a gun away from someone without getting yourself shot. If you can reach a gun before the shooter shoots, you can bat it away; or, if you're a bit away, you can run towards them at an angle or in a zigzag or you can throw something like a jacket or a bike or anything to confuse or disrupt the person firing.

Someone with a pistol has only a fraction of a second of fire superiority.

There are three or four things that come between you and shooting someone after you draw: fear, indecision, being overwhelmed, or just chickening out (not committing). Also, your gun can jam, you can have your gun on safe with a manual safety, your gun may not have a round racked, or your pistol may be out of battery. But it's usually mental. Oh, and the number X reason why you can't end up defending yourself with a firearm: deciding not to carry that day.

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