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A rational theory of COVID testing centers as COVID distribution centers

While I do believe that the COVID testing centers maintain rigorous levels of sanitation and sanitization against contagion, doing everything possible to prevent cross-contamination and from anyone coming and going to and from the Coronavirus testing center either infecting or becoming infected. That said, so were the virologists and scientists at The Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well. Let's say every one of the hundreds of testing centers across the United States, both public and private facilities, both clinics and hospitals, both curbside and otherwise, are all able to maintain all the measures rigorously, the links in their endless chains equally strong, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, no matter the improbability. Even then, there's no accounting for how people act between the time they leave their homes and when they queue up in an orderly, socially-distanced, and properly-bemasked way. I guess an exception to the rule are the people who have mandated requirements to get tested in order to work or attend school. All I can think of is my JROTC days. Yes, when we were doing drills and marching and showing off to our parents and Sergeant Major, we were spit-polished, definitions of esprit de corps, and in lockstep: we were the definition of law and order. However, the moment before we moved to joining a parade as a unit as well as the moment after, we were the definition of chaos. In the same way, being a good Coronavirus citizen is a bit Eddie Haskell: when people are watching you, you're charming and a rule-follower; however, the moment noone's watching, you're a slave to your id, towards one's more basic nature. The effect is to really encourage the sort of mixing that would not happen at all if we were to just all have stayed put. Not just stay put on the days you're not getting your Coronavirus test but all the time. Another thing, that seems extremely obvious to me, is why would one go out of their way to cross paths with diverse peoples from near and far for nothing more than knowing whether or not you have Coronavirus antibodies? A very simple personal risk analysis and risk assessment exercise for one's personal health versus the ability of your village, town, city, state, region, and country to better do predictions, many of them self-fulfilling prophecies. Personally, I have never gotten a test and never plan to get a test.

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