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COVID testing or COVID distribution centers

In all of my years I have never experienced proactive testing for disease premature to showing symptoms. How did SARS-CoV-2, known as Coronavirus or Novel Coronavirus or even COVID-19, so quickly and readily infect the entire world—especially the United States—within months across all cities and states, almost concurrently? And, why, when social distancing and self-isolation and self-quarantine are de rigueur, visiting COVID-19 testing centers for prophylactic test not only seem antithetical to safety protocol but contradictory. A complete contraindication of the social and safety prescription given us, the population, from the beginning: stay home. I will now write and share two theories of COVID testing centers as COVID distribution centers: a rational, science-based, theory of unnecessary potential contraction of COVID-19 and an irrational, improbably, conspiracy theory of Coronavirus testing centers as Coronavirus distribution centers.

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