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West coast fires are false flag ecoterrorism

I have never seen anyone more apoplectic than environmentalists and young millennials who believe that global warming is an existential threat that, near-term, will result in an extinction-level event. True believers will do anything in order to change public opinion; and, when it comes to preventing the forthcoming apocalyptic sixth extinction, caused by man, there's no price too dear to pay even if that means spurring on the actual sixth extinction in the short term in order to prevent the actual apocalypse. Short-term suffering for long-term gain. The old sacrifice a few to save many logic; however, in practice, killing one person—even if the outcome does save millions—is really only actually appealing to psychopaths. Psychopaths and radicalized true believers. I am not remotely inventive when it comes to this diagnosis, this analysis. Michael Crichton wrote a #1 bestseller about this back in 2004, selling 1.5 million copies. The novel, State of Fear, is about an eco-terrorist plot of mass murder to publicize the danger of global warming: sacrifice a few to save many. It's a perfect playbook, though instead of fire the novel chooses water; and, instead of wildfires razing the rural second homes of rich liberals and the primary homes of Trump voters, something else happens (the book came out a long time ago and I forget what happened and to whom). With this plan, you get to shove it to both the rich (class war) and also to Trump (not my president). It's a perfect plan even though the psychopaths hate to get their hands dirty and the radicalized true believers don't know how to start a fire. Luckily, anarcho-syndicalist Antifa rebels are always happy to get their wilding on. Everyone's happy! That is until the unintended consequences work themselves out and make themselves known, resulting in the sort of blowback that sacrifices a few to save nobody and nothing because all their worst nightmares come to fruition: a second term for Trump. Because most Americans are not environmentalists. Most Americans are not true believers. Most Americans are not psychopaths. Most Americans don't become radicalized. And most Americans don't think past their next payday.

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